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Red Clover

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Red Clover

(Trifolium pratense)

Common names: Meadow Clover, Wild Clover, Cow Clover,Broad-leaved Clover, Cowgrass, Honeysuckle Clover

Over Mental, Over Reactive

Indications: Redistributes overly heady energy, allowing information from the emotional and physical body to be calmly received. Establishes a clear connection between heart and mind.

Red Clover

The Red Clover essence helps those with oversensitive, over-reactive minds to ground back into their bodies and connect to the Earth.

Those who need Red Clover essence have a great need to understand and process all information mentally. They crave intellectual information and can be very attracted to books, computers, or other non-human sources of information. Their minds are usually sharp and active, filing information on many subjects, ready for easy retrieval if called for. This overemphasis on the mental creates energetic congestion in the upper chakras, while the lower charkas, the emotions, and the physical body may be totally ignored.

Basic nutritional needs, exercise, and even body care may take a back seat to more stimulating mind activities.

It is this disconnection to Source and the emotions of the heart that creates a propensity to be very reactive to outside events. Gently jarring or coming into the auric space of a person in need of Red Clover essence may startle their ungrounded circuitry, and the ego, feeling unprotected, may lash out hysterically at this minor intrusion.
There may also be a tendency towards hysterical tantrums or anger attacks as the ego feels abandoned and frightened when it cannot connect with the intellect or
the child feels outmatched intellectually and reverts to reacting from an immature emotional body. This feeling of internal panic is very real and is felt as an inner suffocation where all passages to the intellect and good judgment are blocked. The ego may really feel as though it is battling for its life.

Red Clover essence helps to restore balance by redistributing overly-heady energy into the limbs, reintegrating etheric fluidity so that the body physical can relax
and start to allow information from the emotional and physical body to be calmly received.

As this maturation of the holistic persona develops, events and challenges can be met with calm, clear connection between heart and mind, allowing for rational emotional exchanges and a more heart-influenced intellect.

Red Clover essence is also valuable during times of emergency, stress, and panic.

Red Clover is a perennial, but of short duration. Growing now in temperate regions throughout the world, it is believed to have originated near the Mediterranean Sea and been introduced to the U.S. by European colonists. 75-125 individual flowers join to make the rose-purple flower head.

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