Rue Anemone

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Rue Anemone

(Thalictrum thalictroides)

Common names: Canada anemone, similar to wood anemone

Indications: Releases patterns that have put you in the position of attracting blame or being victimized.

This essence is beneficial when you feel that you are a magnet for disharmony and blame, that though you may be consciously acting with good intentions and trying to contribute to the whole you seem to be targeted as the scapegoat and energy vent for other people’s frustrations.

You may unconsciously have a predisposition for putting yourself in the line of fire, as this can release the tension present and protect others who may be more others may be more vulnerable, such as children or more delicate coworkers who may not have any skills or experience at taking the heat.

Although some people may occasionally find themselves in this position and will find great benefit in the remedy to change the pattern at these times, coworkers. Others have spent their lifetime as a scapegoat for other people’s problems.

The Rue Anemone strengthens your original incarnation patterns, helping to release Karmic tensions often associated with negative relationship with authority in a past incarnation aggravating the present life situation.

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