Bee Nettle

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Bee Nettle

(Lamium album)

Common names: White Dead Nettle, White Nettle

Sacred Speech

Indications:  This essence strengthens one's ability to use speech as a healing force.

The word is sacred breath brought into form. It is a strong creative force that holds the power to mold and shape our realities.What you say and how you say it elicits an immediate response from others around you and from Greater Universal energies as well. Bee Nettle flower essence can help you if you tend to use sharp, cutting or prickly words and snap out in anger and irritation at others around you.

The wild Bee Nettle of Thunder Bay, 
on the North Shore of Lake Superior, grows in the silver-rich soil of the Sleeping Giant peninsula.This soil strengthens the plant’s ability to neutralize negative emotions while slowing and deepening one’s breath, opening one’s channels to more positively “take in” another’s words and then effectively “count to ten” and consider one’s impact before spitting out emotional words that can burn or char another….. often destroying relationships and always hurting others’ feelings.

This flower essence is helpful to teachers, counselors or anyone who wishes to learn to use their words for the power and healing in the world.

Stabilizing your ego to feel more supported, 
while helping to calm and rationalize the emotions, Bee Nettle essence offers its healing influence to strengthen the human potential to form your words with care and truly evoke the power of “Holy words.”


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