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Pedicularis groenlandica

Common names: Elephant Lousewort, Little Elephant Heads Orchid

Over Talkative, Not Listening

Indications: Addresses those who are addicted to constant talking, electronic communication or noisy distraction that do not allow the nervous system to rest and reflect.

This lovely pink orchid has many small flowerheads resembling, perhaps, elephant heads with ears and outstretched trunks. The Spiritual body that exists around a singular orchid emits a powerful Angelic frequency. Indeed, all orchids are surrounded by the love and guardianship of the Angels, and Elephanthead, with its thirty or more flowerheads per stalk, is simply abuzz with Angelic light.

The Elephanthead flower essence addresses an addiction to communication, expressed in nervous incessant chatter, cell phone dependency or a need for perpetual media (cell phone, radio, TV or other noise) that does not allow the nervous system to experience calm, reflective listening at anything but superficial levels. 

A nervous system that is uncomfortable with silence may over expand its mental or emotional bodies and almost always reveals an unbalanced throat chakra that is, in a sense, bluffing in order to compensate for other insecurities.

Constantly processing all experience through talk bypasses the higher selves listening, digestive and reflective facilities. Underlying this is often a fear of intimacy and access to true relationship with both others and self. In quiet you are offered a chance to release what you no longer need. Once you have unloaded what stands in the way, you have the opportunity to listen, and with listening, digestion and reflection you can access guidance, inspiration, peace and understanding. 

Compulsive emotional eating and oral fixations also call for the Elephanthead essence, as it works to relax jaw tension and balance the emotional body with the mental body in relationship to the throat chakra.

The Elephanthead essence helps you to use your “big head”, or your communication center, your eyes, your nose, your ears, your mouth and your brain wisely as receivers, adjusters and transmitters in better balance for your own higher good and the good of the All.

Thank you Angels.

Elephanthead graces the high elevations of North America 
throughout the northern stretches and reaching down to the mountains of New Mexico

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