Hoary Puccoon

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Hoary Puccoon

(Lithospermum canescens)

Obsessive Thoughts or Behavior

Indications: For conditions of constant fret, excessive compulsive worry or behavior, negative thoughts and recycling events and conversations... helps the mind release its addiction to over-analyzing and critical, self-defeating behaviors.

The Hoary Puccoon flower essence works with conditions of excessive, compulsive worry and behavior. Constant fret, negative thoughts and recycling daily events and conversations keep the conscious energies disconnected from the true messaging of the spirit. It is as though the soul is caught in a rusted cog that continues to grind repetitively cycling the same thoughts and patterns of behavior unable to move to the next level of life experience. The Hoary Puccoon
helps you to learn to let go of your need for control and your fixation on small and unimportant detail. It helps your mind to release its addiction to over-analyzation and critical self-defeating patterns.

The stems and leaves of Hoary Puccoon are covered with white hairs, giving the plant a hoary appearance. Puccoon’ is a Native American name given to several different types of plants used in the making of redish dyes.

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