White Lilac

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White Lilac

(Syringa Vulgaris)

Social Confidence

Indications: For helping those with a quiet, sensitive inner nature feel more socially confident.

Billowy, lofty clouds of white, sweetly-scented heaven, the White Lilac helps you to share your beauty abundantly with others. This flower essence is especially helpful if you feel ill at ease in social situations or amongst larger groups, reflecting a quiet or sensitive nature. These feelings may physically manifest as a sense of tightness in the throat or solarplex and can result in headaches or stomach complaints as the pressure of exposure is internalized stress-fully and held by the physical body. White Lilac flower essence can help you to feel more self confidence and to loosen up and join the fun of social situations. The essence gently encourages you to enter community, by softening your view of others and their power. It helps you to relax and to see others less seriously and to allow humor to replace inner stress.

Once you feel more secure and less threatened by the fear of being seen or making mistakes, you can loosen up and allow your inner beauty to shine. when this happens, you not only become more socially confident but the group becomes richer as it is allowed to know and embrace one who walks here with sensitivity and depth.



The common Lilac, native to the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe, is a well-established ornamental plant in gardens and parks throughout North America. In colors from white to dark lilac, the flowers of this large shrub with heart-shaped leaves bring a sweet fragrance to Spring.

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