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(Tanacetum vulgare)

Common names:

 Bitter-buttons, Parsley Fern, Cow Bitter, Golden Buttons, Common Tansey


Self Care, Self Love, Reverence

Indications: Instills respect for one's physical body and environment.


Erect, strong, tall….. looking like the center to a flower without the petals….. the Tansy flower inspires radiant self-assurance by instilling a respect for your physical body and a reverence for your environment.
The Tansy essence can be useful in cases of depression, where there is lack of attention or interest in personal hygiene or self-care. The pollution of your body or your environment reflects a poor self-esteem and denies a core level sense of self-divinity. Binge eating, junk-food diets or not eating at all are all cause for concern beyond basic health considerations, as you are “not caring” to value and “take care” of yourself. Deterioration of personal hygiene, lack of attention to your environment– such as not cleaning your home or bedroom –shadow inner feelings of despair, sadness or unworthiness.

The sunny Tansy flower, hardy and self-assured, heralds true self-consciousness that honors both inner and outer beauty, helping you feel a reverence for all life, including yourself. As you begin to feel valuable,
your motivation to act with responsibility and care increases, reflecting a need to use your energies to do something good, to create something exceptional or stand in awe of a beautiful environment and be willing to work to protect it.

 In mid to late Summer at the tips of long fern-like stems Tansy offers her flowers in clusters of golden buttons. The form and color of this flower offering is reflected in one of Tansy’s other names – Golden Buttons. Highly aromatic, Tansy (a native of temperate regions of Europe and Asia) has a scent similar to camphor tinged with rosemary.


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