Beach Sunflower

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Beach Sunflower

(Helianthus debilis)

Common names:Cucumberleaf, Sunflower, weak sunflower, East Coast Dune Sunflower, Cucumberleaf Sunflower, Branching Sunflower, Pale Leaved Sunflower

Indications: Offers inner strength and self-healing in abusive environments.

The Beach Sunflower essence brings strength and sunny persistence to you who have found yourself moving throughout your life from one situation of abuse to another. It is not always possible to choose your environment or the people and family members that surround you. Sometimes the people and circumstances themselves create so much disharmony and emergency
that your spirit and will seems to be placed in constant battle and you are unable to get the grounding and clarity you need to find stability and harmony. The Beach Sunflower essence comes
from a flower that chooses life and positive Sun-bright qualities despite its environment.

It does this by forming a tight community with family members, each flower offering healing and strength to the group from its own vitality of will and beauty. The flower offers this strength of a positive, centered connection to the self that allows you to become a strength and healing source for your community and to heal personal wounds 
through a strong sense of wholeness and inner Divinity.

The Beach Sunflower essence teaches the self to become its own source of healing regardless of the people or environment that surround you. The essence helps you to become more radiant
and true to your heartʼs directives and missions, offering an ability to stick to projects, values and self-trust regardless of the disharmony, violence and destruction of your environment.
It is only through this inner strength and self-healing that your soul can move beyond the cyclic and repetitive patterns of abuse and disharmony to a place of health and sunny community presence.

We were brought to this community of flowers while partaking in another glorious day at the beach. The Winter had been long for us this year and the Sunʼs warmth and light was healing us more deeply each day.
We have been blessed with clear blue skies and the Sunʼs full strength each of our days. 
This Sunflower caught our eyes as it perched in sandy beach shore scrub, shining brightly in vivid yellow as miniature suns splayed amongst the other shoreline plants.

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