Singing Sands

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Singing Sands


Indications: Unable to wake up; slow starts; weak incarnation; slow to motivate; dreamy; can't think clearly; unmotivated to do what one has loved doing in the past; cool, withdrawn, sad, sleepy; lost one's song, joy or motivation.

Tobermory, Ontario
May 29, 2008

Lake Huron swiftly moving, shining and thriving….. It pauses and pools in this deep bay off the Bruce peninsula, fed by healthy wetlands where blue heron poise among outcroppings of pitcher plant, Indian paint brush and marsh marigold. Here the wind sweeps across the shining circle of sand-waters known as Singing Sands Bay.

When the essence was decanted here, it was discovered that the bottle cap had been forgotten. I walked the long beach back carrying the open bottle while the wind “sang” into the bottle, imprinting the singing signature of this sacred place into the essence!

The Singing Sands flower essence offers an internal revelry when you feel sleepy and are unable to fully wake up to the possibilities of life. Feeling slow to motivate in the morning, dreamy or unable to think clearly
are indications for this essence. This is an excellent choice for newborns to welcome them to planet Earth or children who are dreamy and need to ground more into the physical. A good general remedy for weak incarnations.

Your natural enthusiasm and incentive may be being cooled by the more seductive dream life that keeps you in bed, unable to practically incarnate into the work-based physical world.This may be a life pattern or the result of illness or grief that has left you depressed and unable to motivate to do what you have loved in the past. 

The Singing Sands essence made near the tip of the Bruce Peninsula on the clear, cool Lake Huron can spur your internal morning song that induces you to wake up, find your energy and meet the Sun with freshness, finding the motivation to engage in the day anew, blessed by morning dew.

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