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(Thistle Cirsium)

Common names: bristly thistle, horrid thistle, bull thistle, common thistle, spear thistle, corn thistle, boar thistle, Dodder, 


Indications: Helps mild-natured souls stand up for themselves against aggressors.

Thistle is an excellent essence for soft spoken, nice or compliant souls who can be run over, passed by or abused by an overly Yang and aggressive society. Old childhood lessons of consideration, helpfulness and obedience may leave you overlooked, unrecognized for efforts, underpaid or mis-treated. This essence helps those whose good or mild nature is not used to standing up for yourself against more aggressive people or situations. Your personality may feel powerless against a person or entity that seems much larger or omnipotent. For a child it may be a feeling of intimidation from an older child who “knows” more or an adult who holds more power in their life. For an adult this feeling of submission may be generated by a boss, corporate entity or technology that feels over your head and keeps you feeling intimidated.

The Thistle plant is an archetype of Divine strength. Looking like a mighty protector it can grow 7 feet high and spread its arms to 4-feet widths..... its regal purple flower crowns its noble stature.
The Thistle flower essence helps to restore your vitality of spirit and body, encouraging a more self-protective stance.

Thistle essence inspires strength of focus of intent, helping you to be clear and to the point about your personal needs and fair compensation for your efforts. It can motivate you to stand up and be seen and to speak up and be heard. It helps to release learned patterns of oppression and shyness by helping you to more clearly identify where you are allowing your advantage to be taken from.

The Thistle plant stands strong, aristocratic and protective. It clearly commands respect and focus. Its essence naturally instills you with a sense of personal power while strengthening your Yang or warrior forces, helping you to confront authority, competition or technology with a potent confidence that your voice not only can be heard but needs to be heard..... and in this way the meek shall inherit by holding their noble space with dignity.

The Thistle flower, soft to the touch, is held high on the Thistle plant and well-protected 
by sharp spines or prickles on the leaves and stems.

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Written by Janet on Jan 20th 2021

Shipped and packaged with care, and I can tell, made with love and integrity. This is helping my energetic patterns shift and change for better boundaries. It has been a great help in fielding off psychic attacks.