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Sacred Circle Spray

Family, Community & Classroom

Sacred Circle™ aids individuals in connecting to others in a heartfelt, committed way. It provides harmonizing support for groups on a common path, such as families, classrooms or work communities.

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Flower Essence Combination:

(in tinctures and sprays)
  • Chicory - redirects needy, self-first disruptive behavior to finding recognition & fulfillment through community service.
  • Echinacea - helps heal bitter, attacking, parasitical dispositions... establishes roots that connect one to this Earth & link one to the whole.
  • Bloodroot - helps us open to & heal Karmic relationships within our families & communities... opens willingness to transform beliefs, feelings & responses.
  • Lily of the Valley - works for harmony of voice & vision among the many... helps each individual voice be heard & held as a sacred dynamic of the group.
  • White Lilac - helps those with a quiet, sensitive nature feel socially confident.
  • Lake Superior Rock - supports one when rubbing shoulders with the many... helps one confidently reorient to movement & change within the group.
  • November Phlox - helps to strengthen communication networks within the group & to the spiritual beings that support the group & its efforts.
  • Cleavers - for alienation & feelings of separation... supports attachment & appropriate bonding to others & the whole.
  • Yellow Dock - promotes a strong sense of self while instilling an ability to stand tall & comfortably in situations of competition or non-support.
  • Cedar - helps heal relationships through phases of growth & change... helps one move beyond charged emotions & unhealed wounds of the past, promoting forgiveness, objectivity, reconciliation & peace.
  • Badlands Storm - supports truth in negotiations & the honoring of our commitments.
  • Council Cottonwood - supports commitment to involvement, negotiation & democratic process... the sacred council tree of the Ute peoples where Chief Ouray & his wife Chipeta negotiated peace agreements with pioneer settlers.

Essential Oils:

(in sprays only)
  • Pink Grapefruit [USA, organic] - helps one feel connected & inspired, promoting both self-confidence & group awareness... helps one to feel sunny, light & energetic towards projects.
  • Black Spruce [Canada, wild-crafted] - enhances concentration... energizes & uplifts the atmosphere... releases stress, exhaustion & mental tensions... can restore vital pranic energy to the nervous, respiratory & lymphatic systems... helps one be more reflective & feel more grounded.
  • Ginger Lily [India] - energizing & clearing to the mind & the emotions... both uplifting & calming fragrance promotes feeling of peace, warmth & equanimity.
  • Cardamom [Guatemala, organic practices] - relaxes stress from the nervous system, encouraging clarity while releasing irritability... helps one feel secure while remaining open.
  • Schisandra [China, wild-crafted] - relaxing... increases resistance to stress... promotes a feeling of protection & a sense of being grounded in purpose... is said to counteract the effects of sugar while boosting stamina.
  • Ocean Pine [France, wild-crafted] - light & refreshing... reminds one of ocean breezes... promotes sharing, patience, acceptance of others & compassion... helps one to forgive while encouraging feelings of confidence & self-worth.
  • Cape Chamomile [South Africa, wild-crafted] - helps one feel emotionally calm while promoting caring & cooperation as well as a desire to participate in the group.










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