November Phlox

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November Phlox

(Phlox paniculata)


Indications: Helps to strengthen communication while clearing confusion.



November 15, 2003

These Phlox surprised us in 2003 by blossoming again (a late May early June flower) after snow flurries and many hard frosts. 

The November Phlox flower recognizes the confusion of our times. It has come to help us strengthen our communication, first within our own subtle bodies..... helping the conscious mind to access more information 

from the emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. This information is then integrated by the higher self, allowing the conscious mind access to this wisdom for clearer decision making.
November Phlox essence clears confusion between the emotional, spiritual and physical bodies ~ confusion that can create illness in the physical body and chaos in our lives as the result of poor choices.

This essence can also help with communication in larger bodies such as organizations, families or offices. If an organization is to be effective and to meet the goals of the greater body, the communication between the members must be clear and harmonious. November Phlox essence strengthens the networks of communication within the group and reconnects it to the spiritual beings that support the group and its efforts in the larger community.

In mid July and August here Phlox .....purple, magenta, pink, and white..... cover our hill with fragrant blossoms..... a delight in Summer’s heat. Now, on a chilly rainy November day, over 40 plants blossom again..... after yesterday’s snow flurries and many hard frosts that have left the trees leafless and the plants around them brown and dry, as is usual this time of year here in the North.

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