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(Juniperus virginiana)

Common names: Red Cedar, Eastern Redcedar, Virgian Juniper,Red Juniper, Pencil Cedar, Aromatic Cedar



Indications: For the healing of relationships, Cedar creates a neutral space where you can see beyond your charged emotions and unhealed wounds from the past. Cedar helps you to heal all your relationships, with Nature, your communities , your family. The essence brings relationship into a sacred space where it can be held and guarded by a spiritual network of lightworkers.


Cedars have a long relationship with healing and humans. Native Americans have long honored the Cedar as a sacred tree, and it is used to this day across cultures in purification rites. In traditions from Northern europe the Finnish have always used cedar to build their saunas and taken Cedar branches into the sauna to purify the skin and body. The scent of Cedar clears thee mind and opens it to ancient memory.


Cedar is the relationship essence. Life is a long and continually unfolding journey that takes you through many phases of continual relationship. Relationships are never static, but in constant evolvement as your own inner evolution moves you through patterns of growth and change.

Birth, death, partnership, separation and moves dramatically impact the circumstances surrounding your relationships and your feelings towards others.

Cedar helps to all our relationships into a Divine Counsel where they may be held in sacred light and discerned in love. The Cedar essence can act as a mediator or medium creating a neutral space where you can see clearly beyond your charged emotions and unhealed wounds from the past.

Cedar helps you to release your need to hold on to your pain. It helps you to forgive your trespassers and to objectively move toward a place of resolution and healing. The Cedar essence draws away negative imprint from your heart and lungs, where painful memory can reside imprisoned by your ego's lack of clarity in envisioning its options for healing.

As you are held by the intelligence of this great tree, the essence quells your ego's fear of being a victim to old relationship patterns and pains. Its gentle grandmotherly presence then helps you to release your unneeded baggage and trust the wisdom offered to you in the present to see the kaleidoscope of possibilities toward reconciliation and peace.


This awesome cedar tree was found in the middle of a children’s playground picnic area growing in sand beach. It was a June Sunday, the sky almost cloudless. This tree was well over 100, maybe over 200, years old, as cedars can be stunted by the harsh conditions along the coast. This tree was working hard this sunny vacation day surrounded by dozens of children, picnickers and a parade of sun-seeking tourists. Just about every form or human relationship was present.

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