Badlands Storm

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Badlands Storm

Truth Serum

Indications: Supports truth in negotiations and the honoring of your commitments.


Badlands Storm

This essence was made during an exuberant thunderstorm in the middle of an area in South Dakota called the Badlands. The amazing colors and forms of the Earth here were intensified by electric energy and the effervescent effect of wind, rain, lightening, landform and human prayer. We had come across the fertile and lush landscapes of Wisconsin and Minnesota into the flat and expansive prairie. And now irrigated cornfields end, and the earth is visible in shades of tan, ochre, and amber as if a Midwestern autumn had painted the soil with its fallen leaves. 

The land here is carved into canyons and rises into deeply etched towers that emanate the presence of Spirit Gardens, that hold truth as a bare and clear foundation for all life.

Our travels so far had been blessed with clear and sunny skies, and this day had turned hot as we came into the deserts of South Dakota. As we got out of our van at the first canyons of the Badlands, and the children raced to climbs, our prayers with the land began. The first words of the prayer were met by the greeting of a fresh and surprisingly cool breeze. Then as the prayer continued and we ventured further into the park, large billowing clouds could be seen across the western horizon.
Cool air provided a cleansing to the aura of the bare land, the thunder an intonation, the purple lightening electrification with then-heavy rainfall ionization. How powerful to speak with these lands in this storm. What an exuberant welcome to human prayer. All the “Bad” has been washed away. There is only Truth and Love and amazing Beauty in form that is the Earth.

This essence is a truth serum, as it supports the emergence of the truth in all situations. Made during a thunderstorm in the Badlands, it releases the years of tension that have built up around unhonored confidences and broken treaties. 

Thunderstorms are symbolic of cleansing and renewal. The land here has many crevices and hiding places. In order for you to live in the Light you must cleanse your deepest crags and allow truth to penetrate into your wastelands.

This essence supports you in honoring the truth of your form and the truth you create in your words and your contracts. It is an excellent essence to support truth in negotiation with your family, your business, or the corporate world. I would encourage peacemakers to take this essence out and gift it to your planetary mission work. How beautiful that this land of broken treaties, this mislabeled garden, offers you this essence to purify your words and commitments and redirect you to a path of honor and truth.



 The climate for the 244,000 acre park in southwestern South Dakota known as Badlands National Park is described by the U.S. Park Service as:

“… variable and unpredictable with temperatures ranging from -40 F to 116 F. The summers are hot and dry with occasional violent thunderstorms…. 
Extremely high winds are common year-round. Sudden and dramatic weather changes are common.”

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