Lake Superior Rock

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Lake Superior Rock

Constant Reorientation

Indications: Brings balance to busyness and meeting the challenges of doing so much & having to constantly reorient.

 These rocks hold the colors of purity, pink, gold, purple, red, amber, white, brown, grey, mauve..... endless color..... true color caught in form. The rainbows off the lake, the Northern Lights, the Sun, the blue sky, the crystalline properties of snow, the green-blue shimmering color of the water, the bubbling white of the breakers on the beach..... each stone holds all this in a dense form.

Solid so that you can hold a wave. Solid so that you can bring the Sun into your hands and lay it on your chest to heal and to hold..... to sit and watch the waves endlessly beat upon these rocks..... rolling and tumbling them constantly..... rounding and pushing them.... come into shore beckons the beach, come back and tumble some more in the water the Lake responds.....  the lake and the rocks playing..... the rocks tumbling against one another..... rubbing, honing, helping to round each other’s edges..... thus bringing out their true colors. And as the water washes over them and the Sun shines on them, they shine and sparkle like the jewels they are.

This Great Lake Superior and her stones offer you this powerful essence ~ this color in solid form ~ to bring harmony, clarity, and the inspiration of color into the challenges and turbulence of your busy world.

 Modern life can feel like perpetual motion as you find yourself in the grocery store with hundreds of thousands of products to choose from, driving through rush hour traffic, negotiating at work, and a myriad of other activities throughout your day that may cause you to interact with many people and change your location over and over. All this activity can be draining on your energies. 

It will be helpful if you live in the city and face the pressures of constant motion in your life, of continually having to reorient as the tides of life wash over you. This essence will help to round your edges, bring out your inner light, and push you gently to the shore to rest and glimmer in the warmth of the Sun. A comfort essence in its highest form, it can be used to help bring your denser energies back to their full color and vibrancy. Lake Superior Rock essence encourages your heart to open, to release the radiance of the real you, and restores you to your ancient memory of perfection in form.

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