Yellow Dock

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Yellow Dock

Stamina, Self-Esteem, Leadership

Indications: Promotes a strong sense of self while instilling an ability to stand tall and comfortably in situations of competition or non-support.



Yellow Dock

Yellow Dock essence instills a strong sense of self and enhances one’s ability to stand tall comfortably in many different situations and amongst many different influences. This is an excellent essence for those who need the stamina to hold strong as leaders in the midst of the toxic and non-supportive worlds of business, politics or situations of competition. The Yellow Dock essence helps to clear impurities from the aura while strengthening overall character to be assertive and forthright. Strengthening one’s will to act with righteous effort is the gift of Yellow Dock essence.



 Yellow Dock comes to our garden frequently and, with a subtle presence, emerges tall and strong.
It usually stands alone yet with others, not amongst its own community but with other plants of its same size.


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