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(Echinacea purpurea)

Common names: Purple coneflower, coneflower, prairie purple coneflower,

Community Presence

Indications: Helps you to heal your relationship with your community, establishing roots that connect you to this Earth and link you to the whole.

Your family, community and natal soil create the lens in which you views yourself and what beliefs you holds at your core about yourself, your relationship to others and interdependence with your environment. If you have experienced good and positive nurturing, felt safe and supported by your community and been encouraged to spend adequate time in Nature you will place strong value in family, be a respectful member of your community and honor the Natural World, as you reflect a powerful, healthy spiritual ego that can root well and shine brightly in any situation or place. The Echinacea essence addresses those who have had severing experiences of trauma, violence or separation and must heal the wounds of detachment of spirit and alienation from community.

Abuse, war, broken or dysfunctional homes, core issues of anger with your job or family or frequent relocation from one community to another can create deep wounds on your spiritual ego and a sense of disconnect from Source that keeps you feeling alienated, unable to truly participate and can ultimately result in acts of disrespect or crime, as a key belief in your own integrity and your responsibility to the whole is ruptured.
This sense of inner brokenness or separation from Source can keep you from truly feeling responsible for your actions and their impact on others. Not only does this renegade attitude reflect a lack of community or environmental morals
but it gradually turns on the self, attacking and creating a bitterness or cynical disposition, as your essential self feels as if it is being eaten away by an internal cancer of negativity while surrounded by the toxic environment of your own making.

True self is in continual communication with God and discovers potency in its connections, commitments and service to others. Parasitical activities only compound ultimate destruction to self. The stalwart Echinacea grows tall in sturdy community, flowering in July heat.

Its essence helps you to heal personal pain of separation or displacement by strengthening your energetic body and rooting the power of your Solar Self into the soil and mineral depths of Mother Earth. As your Spirit or Star Self
grounds in the fertile soil of Mother Earth, you are able to establish your taproot that connects you to this Earth and links you to the Whole. Then as you begin to feel deep support and nurturance at your core, you have the opportunity to heal trauma at root levels, helping you to find peace with the environment and commit to a more responsible, cooperative relationship with yourself and your community.

Echinacea, to the delight of children and adults, calls butterflies to the garden. The butterflies help pollinate this perennial flower native to eastern North America.Thriving in soils from dry to moist, Echinacea shows a clear preference for sun.

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