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Lily of the Valley

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Lily of the Valley


Common names: Mary's Tears, May Bells, Jacob's Ladder, Ladder to Heaven, Convall Lily, May Lily, Lily Constancy, Our Lady's Tears, Muguet, Convallaria, Male Lily, Fairy Cups, Little May Bells

Community Harmony

Indications: Works for harmony of voice & vision among the many... helps each individual voice be heard & held as a sacred dynamic of the group.

The Lily of the Valley flower essence works with the energy of community, helping to illustrate that through the combining of many voices and hands group vision and goals may be heard and actualized.

The Lily of the Valley essence works for harmony of voice and vision among the many. It can be helpful to the individual to support you in voicing your personal truth within a community or group setting. The essence then works to open the feminine or receiving forces within the group so that each individual voice can be clearly heard and held as a sacred dynamic to the harmonic product of the group’s efforts. It is through the sacred combinations of the individual talents, work and voices of many little bells that we may see great change and purity of purpose cover the land and sing in sweet harmony for the good of all.

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