Council Cottonwood

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Council Cottonwood


Indications: Supports commitment to involvement, negotiation and democratic process.

Holding space for Peace through negotiation for over two centuries, the Council Tree in western Colorado stands 85 feet tall and 7 feet in diameter. A gathering point for tribal discussions, it was here Chief Ouray and his wife Chipeta made a peace agreement with pioneer settlers.
The Council Cottonwood essence gifts to you now this courage to move from your feelings of powerlessness in your own family, community, and government to a willingness to stand up and voice your opinion…..then to become actively involved in problem-solving issues of disparity or dispute. This flower essence supports your ability to negotiate needs from a place of compassionate investment in an equitable result that helps to bring the situation to a place of harmony for everyone involved. Rooting you in a willingness to negotiate on the head-to-head issues that inevitably crop up in every communal situation, the essence helps to strengthen the emotional body of those who are disinclined to engage in situations of conflict, reflecting feelings of inadequacy or reluctance to put forth the energy required  to hold your space in contentious situations. Council Cottonwood essence offers resolve and confidence to meet your competition with the sword of Truth and the shield of Justice and Objectivity.

In order for democracy to work within families, classrooms, community, or government the members of that community must be willing to voice opinion and then to commit to the process of mediation, decision, and action. The Council Cottonwood essence can help to generate within you the energy needed to work through community conflict and find the common ground for peaceful settlement.

The council tree thought to be over 215 years old is the Sacred tree of the Ute peoples. Chief Ouray and his wife Chipeta negotiated peace agreements with pioneer settlers under this tree.


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