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(Sanguinaria canadensis)

Common names: Bloodwort, CoonRoot, Indian Plant, Indian Red Paint, Red Puccoon, Indian Paint, Redroot, Sang-Dragon, Sang de Dragon, Sang du Canada, Red Indian Paint,

Pauson, Sanguinaria, Snakebite, Sweet slumber, Tetterwort

 Healing With Soul Family

Indications: Helps you to open to and heal karmic relationships with your family and your community.

 The Bloodroot flower essence helps you open to a deep willingness to work with and heal the karmic relationships within your soul group or family. What in past incarnations we have done to other souls and what they have done to us is reflected in your present life. Family members, coworkers, bosses..... people you love and those who are adversaries in this life, have incarnated with you here to take up their Karmic roles as you take up yours.

The Bloodroot essence can help you more clearly understand your current situation and the players around you. It does this by rooting you in a deep and eternal flow of Love and reference for all people and all Life.

Once you feel the flow and strength of this energy, your ability to transcend self-interest in relationships and to harness the power of free will to heal old Karmic patterns can be achieved.

Healing relationships within your blood or soul families is perhaps one of the most important assignments you have in this life. The willingness to transform deeply-held beliefs, feelings, and responses..... to release Karma to a higher order of forgiveness can be aided by use of the Bloodroot essence. This is a powerful essence for family groups to take together as it can help the members begin to recognize each other and embrace their joint healing missions compassionately.

The Bloodroot essence helps you to adopt the qualities of cooperation, compromise and collaboration, recognizing that when you work for the sake of virtue within the group you ultimately heal yourself.

Bloodroot is indigenous to most of North America east of the Rocky Mountains. It is a strong medicinal plant with many uses discovered by Native Americans living in the Lake Superior region.

 The sap, the color of blood, is stored in the rhizome (root). A large colony of Bloodroot can develop over time as the rhizome grows. Bloodroot also spreads by ants taking the seeds to their nests.

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