Sacred Tree Circle

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Sacred Tree Circle

Laughter & Play

Indications: An invitation to stand within one of the ancient Tree Circles is both purifying and illuminating as your body is held in Healing Light and your consciousness floods with the Wisdom of the Tree Spirits.

Sacred Tree Circle

This ancient Sacred Tree Circle brings you back to the fold where you stand, not alone, but surrounded by the vibrant, supportive energies of the Community of Life.
Encircled by Wise Councilors, whose healing breath rejuvenates your physical body while you are offered wave after wave of Green Light, bathing both the Physical and the Soul forces of the body with profound healing energies.

Held safe by those tall Grandmother and Grandfather trees, you are offered the medicine of Joy, the remedy of Laughter, and the freedom of Play.

The healing energy held and offered in this essence is available to all sentient beings and especially valuable to Plant and Animal healing. This is a choice essence for plants that have been stressed by deprivation of light, water, or care and especially helpful to transplanted plants or trees.

Animals who have become apprehensive or fearful after exposure to trauma, rehoming or a move can also benefit from the Sacred Tree Circle essence as it works to instill the energies of Safety and Trust, restoring playfulness and an ability to both give and receive Love.

To humans, this essence offers healing and rejuvenation at all levels of your being, clearing emotional toxins by opening the diaphragm to the energy of Laughter and Sacred Dance. The Trees then work to root your individual energy deep into the Earth while teaching you the ecology of Joyful Radiance, opening your Cosmic channels to both listen and receive the guidance of the Elders while bathing your energetic bodies in healing Green Light.


Communities of trees like these in British Columbia hold the energy of Peace.

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