Guardian Spirit Sprays

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Guardian Spirit Spray

Clarity / Protection / Guidance

In an age of uncertainty -- when even our home, Mother Earth, becomes unstable with hurricanes, tsunamis & volcanoes - the human collective consciousness fills with fears, vulnerability & worries, and it is hard to feel safe. Guardian Spirit essence clears away negative influences & protectively defines one's energetic body, imparting the mental & emotional clarity for responding to situations of chaos emergency with confidence, courage & accuracy. This essence replaces feelings of vulnerability & fear with the calm confidence of someone who is grounded and standing in their power.


Flower Essence Combination:

(in tinctures and sprays)
  • Rainbow Falls - helps release one's fear and anxiety around challenging situations... gives one the courage and faith to transcend the "impossible".
  • Black Canyon Sage - for both anxiety and panic... purifies space, clearing away that which is interfering... helps one feel a sense of both grounding and divine protection... instills clear & rational judgment in new or challenging situations.
  • Black Canyon Juniper - very protective... These ancient trees offer stability and provide one with appropriate shielding from negative energies while safeguarding against dark forces that drain one's spirit & energy.
  • Great Salt Lake - offers the courage & strength needed to rise above life-changing negative experience or trauma... helps one bravely face one's fears.
  • Scorpionweed - instills one with confidence & stealth... offers a sense of protection from danger or attack, helping one navigate it with awareness, accuracy & intuitive alertness... promotes internal readiness & protective preparation... for vigilant watch & realistic down-to-earth action for maintaining safety & personal stamina.
  • Trillium - acts like a protective shield to deflect physical or psychic attack... works to create more psychic clarity... replaces vulnerability with stability.
  • Monkshood - helps one stabilize after exposure to frightening or traumatic situations by balancing the emotions and assisting one in seeing with clarity & calm presence... offers up a sense of Angelic protection & guidance.
  • Guardian Stones - settles hysteric feelings & fears... severs one's connection to mob mentality... helps one think for oneself & act from wise, rational choices.
  • Cedar of Lebanon - offers a connection to the Earth & one's true roots... helps one remember one's Spiritual Nature & the responsibility & gift of life as a Hue-man.
  • Lake Champlain - helps one become invisible during vulnerable times... allows one to do one's work with integrity, unseen by predators & those who ambush the good... supports the emergence of truth with clarity & intent at the appropriate time.
  • Santa Fe River - helps one stabilize after exposure to frightening or traumatic situations by balancing the emotions and assisting one in seeing with clarity & calm presence... offers up a sense of Angelic protection & guidance.
  • White Vervain - strengthens the depleted & stressed nervous system... helps one learn to detect & leave unpleasant situations before one's physical or spiritual health is endangered.
  • Bearberry - assists in holding one's ground when one's energies are being drained by domineering or controlling people and/or situations.
  • Prickly Poppy - helps form a strong, appropriate protective energy field around a child or other vulnerable individual... protection that can shield one from chaotic or harmful energies that corrupt or damage the purity of one's heart & spirit.

Essential Oils:

(in sprays only)
  • Pink Melissa (U.S.A, organic) - relieves feelings of anxiety or depression... calms emotional upset while energizing one's capacity to cope under pressure or confrontation... increases clarity, trust & courage... brings balance to oversensitivity or overstimulation... aids restful sleep.
  • Green Rosemary Verbenone (Morocco, cert. organic) - helps one think & process better by stimulating & strengthening the central nervous system... used to balance intense emotions & overcome stress... offers the wisdom & discrimination needed to establish healthy boundaries in relationships.
  • Ylang Mastic (Morocco, wild-crafted) - both purifying & grounding... clears stagnant energies... used since antiquity to purge negative spirits & purify temple & home.
  • Jasmine Sambac (India, organic practices) - engenders trust & courage while decreasing anxiety, fatigue & nervous exhaustion... promotes self-confidence, intuition & emotional clarity.
  • Lime (U.S.A., cert. organic) - helps one feel calm & self-assured... redirects feelings of apathy, anxiety or depression, promoting alertness, compassion & joy.
  • Pink Grapefruit (U.S.A., organic practices) - assists in staying alert, uplifted & inspired... dissipates fear & grief & keeps one open to a flow of creative solutions.
  • Frankincense Noir (Oman, wild-crafted) - associated with spirituality & expelling evil spirits... strengthens & deepens breath... tonic to nervous system... relieves mental anxiety, nervous tension, panic, stress... comforts during transition... revitalizes exhausted body & mind... eases hyperactivity, impatience, irritability, restlessness... aids focus, minimizes distraction... frees one from dark influences.
  • Sage Mild (Germany, organic) - balances extremes of emotions... restores emotional equilibrium... alleviates melancholy, lifts depression... nervous system tonic... eases fear & nervousness... stimulates concentration... purifies space, releasing confusion, worry & dark spirits.
















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