Prickly Poppy

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Prickly Poppy

(Argemone mexicana)

Common names; Mexican Poppy, Mexican Prickly Poppy, Medicinal Weed, Satyanashi, Southwestern Prickly Poppy

Protecting Innocence

Indications: Helps to form a strong appropriate protective energy field around a child or other vulnerable individual.

The flower essence of Prickly Poppy helps to form a strong, appropriate protective energy field around a child or other vulnerable individual, protection that can shield you from chaotic or harmful energies that can corrupt or damage the purity of your heart and spirit.

There is an insidious trend in our world culture that has been moving us and our children away from goodness and innocence and deeper into the abyss of what is dark or negative. Considering that we are born onto the beautiful, Nature-filled Earth, nurtured by sunlight and surrounded by trees and flowing water, where even our nights are blessed with starry skies and a watchful moon, it is a wonder why we disregard and disrespect such gifts and focus so profusely on the ugly, the vulgar and the painful.

We have acquired great knowledge, but in that quest for information we may have forgotten that “knowing” is not the same as wisdom. And information has sometimes come at a tremendous cost, stripping us of our faith, our wonder and the purity of our innocence. The Prickly Poppy essence brings the rays of hope to protect the innocent, to hold not only your body safe but also your spirit. The Earthʼs children, at this time especially, need to be shielded and protected from the toxic pollution of evil –energy from a force that is spelled as the opposite of “live”. When you are opposed to the “live” or the “life” force, destructive and hurtful situations manifest. When you are not vigilant in protecting life and innocence you are offering an opportunity that allows the dark to creep in and steal your most precious and tender gift – the strength of your own inner light, innate joy and creative purity. 

Growing in a sun-filled field of wildflowers on Goose Island on the Gulf coast of Texas, the Prickly Poppy stands dressed in white with a golden yellow center. Its stamens reach out like the sunʼs rays on a cloudless day. The tall plantʼs spiny leaves spread their armor wide, clearly safeguarding the delicate and frilly flowers, allowing them to root deeply and dance freely like white-skirted ballerinas in Springʼs fresh, early-morning light. Prickly Poppy flower essence offers a shield of defending light for the purity of your heart. 

Useful for help in assuring a sense of guardianship within situations of negativity that have great potential to leave lasting scars and supportive for all our children as they face an increasingly hostile world that has lost its sense of magic, poetry and grace, Prickly Poppy essence works to restore faith and a sense of Divine care -- the sense of protection that allows playfulness and creativity to flourish. In its deepest action, Prickly Poppy flower essence is a restorative, offering grace and hope to those who have been overexposed to trauma, media or negative culture, helping clear the subconscious memory of the damage while encouraging you to experience the power of the new day, the morning sun that gives you an ability to focus on the pure perfection of the light that heals all and holds its power and purity through all worldly situations.

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