Lake Champlain

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Lake Champlain

Feeling Cut Off From Spirit

Indications: For those operating with a closed or blocked crown chakra. Unable to receive answers, feeling alone on Earth and cut off from spiritual guidance or help.

Grand Island, Vermont 8/21/09

Lake Champlain sits sandwiched between New Yorkʼs Adirondack Mountains and Vermontʼs Green Mountains. These ranges supply the lake with an abundance of fresh mountain water and ensure the pristine nature of this major freshwater lake. Its water floods north into the St. Lawrence Seaway, melding with the flow of fresh waters supplied by her neighboring mid-western Great Lakes as the joined waters course towards Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and the salty Atlantic Ocean. Home to the oldest know fossil reef in the world, estimated to be 450-480 million years old, the lake -- like a giant finger pointing north -- is over 120 miles in length, while its widest point is a mere 12 miles across. It is, however, very deep, reaching over 400 feet at its deepest point, and here, in its depths, it holds its strength and protects its many mysteries.

There are times when it is hard to feel a true connection to Spirit. The soul -- at its deepest level -- always longs for God. But life circumstances and influences can leave you broken-hearted,
as your ego attempts to keep on keeping on in the daily world of challenge and hardship. Feeling alone, you can suspect abandonment, as your prayers may seem seem unanswered. A numbness or sense of depression may pervade your experiences, as if something profoundly important has died and the loneliness of being left behind fills your thoughts and experience.

Feeling cut off from Spirit, you may worry that you are being punished for some past mistake, or perhaps ultimately not worthy of guardianship. When bad things happen to good people
you can feel angry with God and sever the relationship, as your trust has been compromised. 

The Lake Champlain essence helps you to rebuild the heart-bridge that connects you back to your Spiritual Nature and the God Source of your being. The Lakeʼs depth calls out the darkness of your experience and directs it straight north to the place of introspection and wisdom.

With restored Spiritual sensitivity, you can forgive and stop dwelling on the mistakes and traumas of the past. When you forgive, you open the door back up to Spiritual relationship, guidance and guardianship. Everyone has times of doubt and falling outs with God, as we are, indeed, human. We would like our experience on Earth to be happy, prosperous and mostly trouble-free. In our prayers we ask for good things, and Creator answers with the highest and best learning experience. It is sometimes troubling to integrate what is given. The Lake Champlain essence works to restore your feeling-self and aids reconnection with your Spiritual Self. Reconnection with God-source means that you will have to invite the pain back into your heart, but in doing so you also are offered an avenue for healing and a chance to experience authentic emotion, joy, connection and guardianship as you return to the depth and flow of a valuable life.

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