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Santa Fe River

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Santa Fe River


Indications: Helping you to be "invisible" for purposes of protecting sacred information, allowing for safety from predators, both on the spiritual and physical planes.

The Santa Fe River essence is for cloaking. There are times on each person’s personal journey when it is important to hold what is sacred and protect it from the harsh microscope of status quo society. Each of us, if we are listening, are receptors for sacred information from both the Earth in all her life forms and from the Angelic Heavenly Cosmic Kingdoms.

What you hold True in your heart is not always appropriate for the public domain. History has repeatedly persecuted those who proclaim Spiritual Wisdom. The Waters in this essence dive deep into the Earth, where they are protected and renewed by the many springs and deep aquifers that support all Life here on this Planet. The River emerges safely four miles away in renewed Exuberance and Clarity.

This essence is not only valuable for Protection during vulnerable times, but also supports the emergence of Truth clearly and intentionally at the appropriate time.

 The Santa Fe River, Florida has been the site of messages from long-ago times. Fossils of the bird Titanis walleri, a giant (7-foot tall) carnivorous flightless bird with origins in South America, were uncovered in the river. Chemical analysis of the fossils recently prompted revision in the date of the bird’s extinction from 10,000 to two million years ago. How this flightless bird made its way from South America to North America an estimated five million years ago when the two continents were unconnected is still a mystery.

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