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Cedar of Lebanon

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Cedar of Lebanon

(Cedrus libani)

Common names: Lebanon Cedar

Tree of Life

Indications: Offers a connection to the earth and ones true roots. Helps you to remember your spiritual nature and the responsibility and the gift of your life as a Hue-man.

The tree grows outside the church of St. Michael and All Angles in the tiny village in Englandʼs Cotswold countryside. A Saxon church known as “Tew” was recorded as sitting on this site by the year 995 AD. But it was common for The Church to use Druid ceremonial sites or energy points as locations for churches, and I suspect that this was one such place. 

Many mysteries and sacred texts surround the noble Cedar of Lebanon. It is referenced 75 times in the Bible, more than any other plant or tree named. It can be seen to represent variability: Adam, the first tree, Godʼs favorite and most loved tree, to whom even God sings praises… and, in the Torah, Eretz or Adamah (Red Earth Mother) who gave birth to Adam. Cedar mythology was ancient long before the Bible was written and was associated with a Goddess in each speciesʼ native location. The name Lebanon is homonymous with the Semitic Moon-goddess Lebanah, ʻShe That Is Whiteʼ. And cedar is used to purify temples and lodges across cultures. Cedar is associated with sun and weather gods, giving it both male and female balanced strength. It was said to be the wood used to house the Ark of the Covenant, Noahʼs Ark, Solomonʼs Temple, both Davidʼs and Solomonʼs palaces and the entry doors of sacred temples throughout the world.

The Cedar of Lebanon essence is a gift from an ancient tree that offers us its connection with the ʻtruthʼ – the DNA or the pattern of ʻLife Codeʼ that holds the secrets of Life and our greatest potential. Your DNA holds the information or the genetic codes for your physical, emotional and spiritual evolution. Modern science has decoded approximately 3% of total physical DNA (Human Genome Project 1989). The remaining 97% is termed ʻjunkʼ DNA.

When I asked the tree its name, it replied  Am The Tree of Life”!... Cedar of Lebanon, tenacious, enduring, Godʼs most loved, with the red blood of the Mother, the guardian of the sacred entrance, the purifier of darkness, the holder of the mysteries of the sacred history and patterns of life!" ~ Yes, I see that you are.

The tree has offered up its purpose – to protect Life! With so many assaults on the spiritual and physical resonance of the life force, it is good that this tree remembers… Remembers who we are, why we are here and has a record of the ʻtruthʼ of the purpose of our ʻjunkʼ DNA.As you take this flower essence,

As you take this flower essence you may feel an ancient memory returning to your cells. It is the original memory, the swirling double-helix, the pattern of perfection and a step toward reunification with Creator Spirit and the All of our Mother-Sweet Nature.

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