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Moonapause Spray

Balances Transitions

Moonapause™ addresses feminine creative energy transitioning into the wise-woman phase, with the wisdom of the ages vying with menopause, hormone imbalances, hot flashes, memory loss, weight gain and concerns about maintaining vitality & enhancing sexual energy flow.

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Flower Essence Combination:

(in tinctures and sprays)
  • Pearly Everlasting – for life changes in later life... creatively gleaning the wisdom of  life experiences and honoring the past while creating new life plans that honor the present.
  • Mountain Gentian – 'lost in service' to others... so much time & energy spent on others' needs that one loses track of self needs & personal goals.
  • Lake Ontario – opens one up to allow the deep questions of one's soul to pour forth... helps one to listen on a universal level to reflect and to find deep soul peace.
  • Star Tulip – helps one reconnect to their inner feminine & the sensitive, receptive self.
  • Garden Sage – evokes the sage within to access one's learned wisdom and teach from a place of guidance & support.
  • Firehole River – can accelerate the healing process by transforming polarizing emotions & releasing negative thought... helpful for times of stress & emotional vulnerability.
  • Spring Beauty – for feelings of impatience, intolerance and rage.
  • Sweet Annie – addresses feelings such as loss or abandonment with great wisdom, understanding & strength.
  • Scarlet Paintbrush – helpful in situations of exhaustion or loss of sleep... helps to revive procreative & sensual energy.
  • Crested Dwarf Iris – offers inspired passion & creative vision to those whose work or feelings have become cold & mechanical or stagnant & complacent.
  • Kiva Cave – calls one to one's own sacred space, helping one "carve out" down-time, alone-time or family-time that helps foster true spiritual relationship.
  • Gaspé – aids in transition, helping one release pain & grief and transcend to the next level with strength & courage.

Essential Oils:

(in sprays only)
  • Pink Grapefruit [U.S.A., organic] – uplifting, alert, connected, inspired... alleviates stress while relaxing the mind & nervous system.
  • Himalayan Cedar [India, organic practices] – grounding & focusing... clams the mind and eases anxiety & nervous tension... defuses anger while balancing the emotional body... provides clarity to help one see a situation more objectively.
  • Sweet Birch Birch [U.S.A., wild-crafted] – helps one connect to one's higher mind, allowing one to center, feel peaceful and to find their inner strength & innate wisdom.
  • Jasmine Sambac [India] – offering self-awareness & confidence... calms the nerves while connecting one to the joy of embodiment & sensuality.
  • Rose Otto [Bulgaria, steam-distilled] – uplifts the emotions... promotes a feeling of love & well-being in the heart... helps with mental fatigue, exhaustion & stress... benefits all female organs.
  • Vitex [Croatia, organic practices] – has been used since antiquity to regulate and tone the female reproductive system through its action on the pituitary... during menopause it can avert distressing symptoms such as depression, hot flashes & irritability.
  • Clary Sage [Bulgaria,wild-crafted] – prescribed in Europe to ease menopausal discomfort and cool hot flashes... relaxes muscles while helping women feel centered in their own natural beautiful feminine energy.
  • Zinziba [South Africa, wild-crafted] – soothes heated emotions and helps to relieve feelings of vulnerability... reduces feelings of anxiety while easing aches and pains. 







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