Great Salt Lake

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Great Salt Lake

(Antelope Island, Utah) 


Indications: Offers the courage needed to rise above a life changing negative experience or trauma, to survive and to spring back with humor, with grace, and with extraordinary style.

Morning dawns on an inland sea. Antelope Islands Bison, Coyote and Bighorn Sheep quietly graze for their breakfast on the rolling hills of a nearby pasture. Here the Shoshone, Ute and Paiute peoples dwelt in the Great Salt Lake Basin, honoring the land and the spirit of the lake for thousands of years before Mormon pioneers arrived in July of 1847. After a long and heralding journey across the western plains and the Rocky Mountains, Church President Brigham Young christened this desert valley the “promised land” and made it home for himself and the many faithful who would come to follow him here. I understand the attraction. It would be hard not to fall in love with the rare lonely beauty of this land, with its mysterious and awesome salty waters. Right now, I watch amazing red, orange and lavender hues bathe the horizon and spread across the Great Lakeʼs salty waters as the sun, barely visible through the heavy and still morning mist, rises peacefully in the east. The Great Salt Lake is 12% saltier than the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans. Four major rivers and many streams flow into the lake, carrying dissolved minerals from the surrounding mountains. The lake has no outlet so that the minerals become concentrated through continual evaporation. The lake condenses over time, and the trapped minerals seem to make the lake somehow heavier than water.

As my girls and I enter the lake for the first time, the water seems thick and almost hard to walk through. The salt stings our skin enough for us to think about getting out. But, like the Mormons, we know that we did not come this far to end up turning back. So it is that we float… we laugh… we bob up and down like corks at sea. We stay in long enough for the ancient salt and the distilled minerals to soak deep into our muscles. We stay in long enough for the Holy Spirit of the lake to penetrate my heart, telling me that I have the courage to walk on and face whatever it is that I have feared.

The Great Salt Lake flower essence helps you face your fears and learn to walk through those things that you have been trying so hard to avoid, maybe for years…Activating what is potent, brave and strong within…Encouraging self-courage to face the giants and obstacles that will meet you on the path to the promised land. When you fear the unknown…When you fear your past failures…When you fear danger or pain…you retreat into weakness. The Great Salt Lake helps you realize that you are not alone. You do not have to do this by yourself. And your greatest enemy is your own fear and that within you that is fighting against moving forward and meeting the conflict or taking the risks necessary.

The Great Salt Lake offers you buoyancy… An ability to rise above your own fears – fear of making mistakes, of being judged, of facing conflict or of being blamed. Life is not all sweetness. Sometimes you have to rub some salt into your wounds to promote the healing you so need. The Great Salt Lake essence supports your courage to take action, to spring back from a fall and to transform your dark valleys with the joyful assurance that – with good humor and grace –  you can learn to face all things, and with this spirit you will surely thrive.

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