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Miracles Spray

Enhancing Positive Possibilities

Miracles™ supports us in transcending limiting thought patterns of fear, futility and over-analyzation. It aligns us with the courage and belief necessary to experience miracles.

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Flower Essence Combination:

(in tinctures and sprays)

  • Winter Pansy - enhancing Universal connections to the forces of Light… expansive… releasing mental inflexibility & the ego’s need to “know” or “figure out”… opens the mind to miracles.
  • Grass of Parnassus - for feelings of failure & futility of past efforts… helps one recognize the wisdom gained in struggle… offers optimism in tough situations.
  • Greater Celandine - to better see & experience the miracles of one’s life… for feeling cheated, abused, or unsupported… opens eyes to focus on bounty.
  • September Strawberry - especially for those with sensitive hearts… blesses the heart with courage to do new things… strengthens knowing & helps one stay in one’s heart when challenged.
  • Thornless Blackberry - manifestation… helps one to awaken dormant talents & one’s own ability to channel the miraculous.
  • Western Bistort - releases one’s fear of success, power or actualization of heart vision… supports powerful manifestation, helping one to create the structure to hold great dreams.
  • Rainbow Falls - helps to release one’s fear and anxiety around challenging situations… gives one the courage & faith to transcend the “impossible.”
  • Glory of the Snow - brings perspective, trust & decisiveness to the mind caught in an inward spiral of worry, questioning or doubt… helps one to believe & stop second-guessing the miracle offered.
  • September Cherry - for letting go of preconceived ideas about how things should be or happen… helps one focus & hold faith to the miracle.
  • September Crab Apple - helps you stay in your heart while releasing fears that you can’t do it… you can… you are supported in your holy missions… stay focused, believe and expect a miracle.

Essential Oils:

(in sprays only)

  • Red Manderine [Italy] - calms emotions… aids the heart in releasing its struggle… used to moderate the nervous system & calm the sympathetic system… very gentle.
  • Gingergrass[France, wild-crafted] - relaxing, uplifting, invigorating, clarifying, centering… sooths mental stress & anxiety… opens sinuses.
  • Dwarf Pine [Italy, wild-crafted] - balances hormones, purifies thoughts… promotes positive attitudes, focus, love, sharing, self-confidence… warming, soothing… extensively used in Europe at medical spas… for mental, emotional fatigue.
  • Jasmine Sambac [India] - releases fear & guilt… purity, connection to Angels.
  • Spikenard [India, organic practices] - harmony of mind, body & spirit… roots one’s thoughts in spiritual principles… grounding spirituality into physical structure.
  • Zinziba [South Africa, wild-crafted] - soothes heated emotions… helps to release feelings of vulnerability… reduces trapped feelings brought on by anxieties.
  • Balsam [Peru, organic] - warming, opening, comforting… quiets negative thinking & refocuses thoughts… helps one center in abundance & love.
  • Rose Otto [Bulgaria] - encourages confidence, enjoyment, love & trust… exceptional oil for addressing grief or anger… restores heart, allowing love to flow.







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