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Rising Moon Sprays

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Rising Moon Spray

Balancing Women's Cycles

Rising Moon™ addresses the challenging stage of the young woman, with the mystery of a monthly cycle beginning and bringing feminine empowerment. But with the empowerment can come mood swings, cramping and headaches. The challenge is to balance, stabilize and maintain the energies.

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Flower Essence Combination:

(in tinctures and sprays)
  • Silverweed - meets feelings of vulnerability, loss of control or unsettled emotions around one's cycle... supports the strength of bonding between women.
  • Lake Huron - not knowing when to stop... overdoing it... unable to turn it off... irritable, moody, excessive.
  • We-tide - helps one to find the balance between extreme polarities, helping one to tie down and ground what is important.
  • Gulf Waters - blessing as a balancer during key life transitions and developmental changes in one's body and body image.
  • Motherwort - supports appropriate nurturing of the self and soothes the stress of worry that comes from over-concern for another's welfare.
  • White Avens - restores self-care, self-trust for those prone to tantrums, threats or self-destruction.
  • Spring Beauty - works with feelings of impatience, intolerance and rage.
  • Wood Betony - helps one to work with the cycles of one's life in a balanced and respectful way.
  • Moonflower - for healing wounds of abandonment, rejection or betrayal.

Essential Oils:

(in sprays only)
  • Green Manderine [Italy] - both settling & joyful... calms over-activity while offering up a smile.
  • Cypress [France, wildcrafted] - said to help regulate menstrual cycles... soothing and relaxing to the nerves... reduces excess fluid... can calm the flow of heavy menstruation... soothes anger & mood swings.
  • Roman Chamomile [USA, organic practices] - very helpful in overcoming stress & anxiety... anti-inflammatory... eases cramping, headaches, anxiety, worry, nervous tension... meets weepiness, exhaustion, depression or hysteria with inner peace & stillness.
  • Ylang Ylang Extra [Comoros, wild-crafted] - helps to calm anxiety while soothing anger or frustration... helps one to recognize one's value and develop genuine self- appreciation and love... dispels depression.
  • Blood Orange [Italy] - happy, upbeat... eases insomnia... relaxes stress... stimulates digestion... balances the emotions... revitalizes and energizes... good for those who tend to overwork or are perfectionists... very helpful for PMS or SAD as it calms stress and helps one stay happy & upbeat.
  • Vitex [Croatia, organic practices] - Vitex or Chaste Tree has been associated with women's health since antiquity, offering balance to the hormones. It is said to regulate and tone the female system, restoring balance. Vitex is reported to be helpful easing PMS, bloating, depressive feelings, irritability, mood swings, weight gain, skin breakout, headaches & painful periods.
  • Rose Otto [Bulgaria] - since antiquity used for headaches, menstrual difficulties & nervous tension... nurtures the heart... activates intuition.
  • Gingergrass [France, wild-crafted] - calms digestion, helps with cramping, headaches, discomfort or queasiness... relaxing, stress-reducing, uplifting.
  • Opoponax [Kenya, wild-crafted] - thought to be very helpful easing menstrual cramps... relaxes one while releasing feelings of being out of control of one's emotions.



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copyright © 2010 by Merri Walters Great Lakes Sacred Essences

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    Rising Moon

    Posted by Mary on Aug 21st 2019

    Merri recommended this for my puppy when she came in season for the first time, she was feeling down, hiding, lethargic. I sprayed it on my hand first then rubbed it on her tummy. I was so surprised at how my pup reacted! She loves the spray! Within a day she was feeling better, up and playing, eating and overall happy! When ever she sees the bottle, she rolls over for a splash on her tummy! The smell alone brings a feeling of happiness! I love it for myself too!