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(Datura stramonium)

Common names: hell's bell's, devil's trumpet, devil's weed, Tolguacha, Jamestown weed, Stinkweed, Locoweed, Pricklyburr, False Castor Oil Plant, devil's cucumber, Thornapple


Indications: For healing wounds of abandonment, rejection or betrayal.


Moonflower is an essence that supports the heart in healing deep wounds of abandonment, rejection or betrayal. This essence penetrates deep to the core of the self where self-identity retreats during times of personal crisis. It is here that we find the sacred self, and Moonflower essence helps to hold space and protection for the innocence and healing of your being.

When the heart is open, it is a clear love and purity that are allowed to pour forth from a deep-soul trust that this will be reflected back in the form of acceptance and universal support. If this trust is broken, the soul pain can be consuming, as something fundamental to one’s sacred identity has been violated.

Moonflower teaches the soul graceful unfoldment as it helps reestablish trust and stability at one’s core. It does this by connecting the self to something much stronger and more meaningful than the ego or personality ~ the intelligence and protection of the Angelic world.

Through this deep connection with forces stronger and more significant than personal pain, the soul is able to transform and transcend its bitter wounds and establish the deep vessel required to rebirth the self as a transcendent being able to transform ego’s need for recognition and reflect a larger archetype ~ that of the Divine.


 The deep trumpet-shaped flower opens in the evening, releasing an intoxicating fragrance as the blossom replicates the full moon.

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