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(Argentina anserine ~formerly Potentilla anserine)

Common Silverweed, Silver Cinquefoil, Goosefoot

 Menstrual Cycles

Indications: Meets feelings of vulnerability, loss of control or unsettled emotions around your cycle or menopause stress. Supports the strength of bonding between women.

Growing on the sandy shores of Manitoulin Island in the Heart of Lake Huron,  the Silverweed works to connect bloodlines between women, enhancing a Grandmother-Mother-Daughter connection that flows like a tide and connects all women to the spiritual cycles of the Moon and the fertility and bleeding of their own bodies.

The essence of Silverweed seeks to meet the unsettled emotions that can be experienced as you prepare for and enters into your sacred bleed time, when as a woman you may feel vulnerable or attacked by your own body and fear the loss of control intrinsic in the waxing and waning of your personal cycle. Pain or discomfort may be experienced as feelings of a need to be fixed or focusing only on what is wrong instead of all that is right.

Feelings of abandonment and despair may give way to hopelessness as you feel alone and confused by disquieting thoughts and emotions.The Silverweed flower essence nurtures your womanly knowledge of your right to be alone, to retreat to your own place of peace and inner nourishment. It is in this time away that you can learn the lessons of caring for others by caring for yourself in a genuine way.

Silverweed supports women by supporting the connective heart that bonds us through the collective consciousness of our menstrual cycles, our birthing, our mothering and our grandmothering. Whether we choose to raise children or not, we all experience these phases. Like our guardian Grandmother Moon, we share these stages and can both give and receive the compassion of a loving sisterhood.

The Silverweed essence helps you to become sensitive to your inner rhythms, to open to self understanding and to take better care of yourself.

It is in learning these lessons at an emotional, spiritual and cellular level that you acquire the intuition, courage and power intrinsic to the feminine spirit and you come to balance and peace with your feminine body beautiful.

 Silvery with fine hairs on the underside of leaves, Silverweed prefers wet sandy shores and wet meadows. It is a member of the rose family native throughout the temperate Northern Hemisphere. 


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