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( Bay of Fundy, tidal fluctuations)

Balancing Extremes

Indications: Helps you to find the balance between extreme polarities, helping you to tie down and ground what is important.

Our 11 year-old daughter joined in the making of this essence, finding the spot to collect both spring and ocean water then sitting with us as we prayed and mediated through the 12 hour plus cycle of tide here in the Bay of Fundy. After we decanted the finished mother tincture she asked if she could name the essence ʻWe-tideʼ ~ she explained simply that we are the tide. 

We are indeed the tide. 

The We-tide essence helps you to balance extremes with peace and grace, finding your midpoint in the midst of drama and change. When the tide comes in, it fills us with the generous spirit of the goddess of the sea: vast, deep, spread wide with offerings of precious gifts, insight, inner peace, tolerance, inner-generational and cultural understanding, food and blessings for all. All is plenty. All is well.


 Ah ~ but Grandmother moon, always spinning, always in cycles, always honoring light and dark in balance, calls back her waters and as the tide draws back it carries with it everything that is not tied or anchored in a strong way to the Earth. 

We-tide helps you to find the balance between extreme polarities both within and without… the times of abundance and the times of loss… the times of happiness and the times of tears… to find your equilibrium in times of strong polarity, when you cycle between flooding and the abandonment of an empty womb. Here in the Bay of Fundy, with the greatest tide fluctuations in the world, the moon and the sea are in sacred conversation, giving and taking, blessing and loss, with harmony and with great grace and strength.

The We-tide essence embraces the powerful magnetic draw of this sacred site, lending support and insight when you are faced with a situation of inequality or overwhelming odds, reinforcing just efforts, good intentions and special blessing to help you achieve your dreams, to ground and tie down what is important, to find your definition and to hold to it, helping to release your past and that which no longer serves you ~ gratefully. It is in standing tall along the midpoint and in the learning to observe and master these strong polarities that you will know the balance of the life force and find your own inner strength.

According to Miʼkmag First Nation folklore, the tides in the Bay of Fundy are caused by a giant whale splashing in the water. To this day whales are frequently seen in nearby waters.

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