Harvest Moon

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Harvest Moon


Indications: Restores gratefulness and teaches the heart to be generous and full.


Harvest Moon
September 28, 2004

In Chinese culture the Harvest Moon celebration is one of the most joyful festivals of the year. The Japanese have a different character to represent each day in the Moon cycle leading up to the full Harvest Moon.

Harvest is a time of plenty a time of grateful pause as we gather up the amazing bounty offered up in generous effort to supply our needs through the cold dark months of winters rest. Nature awakens new life each Spring and steadily nurtures and ripens the grains and fruits throughout the Summer months to gift us in the fall with her sweet fruits, seeds, nuts and vegetables. The Harvest Moon rises large and orange, bountiful and giving. She smiles over the happy, full land.

The Harvest Moon essence teaches your heart to be generous and full, to recognize the plenty in your households, in your relationships, and in the natural world that supports you. It teaches the basic lesson that it is by gifting others that you receive and become full yourself.

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