Blue Moon

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Blue Moon

Eases Nervous Behavior

Indications: Eases worry, nervous behavior & lack of faith while promoting the trust needed to meet life's challenges with optimism & confidence.

Blue Moon

It is considered a Blue Moon when the Moon is full two times in a single month. This is somewhat rare, hence the expression “once in a blue moon.”
This essence was made under such a moon atop the Medicine Wheel Mountain in the Big Horn Mountains in northeast Wyoming during the last night of a Sun Dance. The drums and the chanting illuminated the evening with their resonance and power. It was also toned with a musical frequency of the Angelic Realm.

This essence helps to release inappropriate worry and obsession. It is especially helpful to those who allow their fears to paralyze them and stagnate the natural learning progression in their lives. On each of our life journeys there needs to be a basic level of trust in the purposeful unfolding of events. None of us is able to see what lies over the horizon so that each day can be meet with fresh and creative energy. The Blue Moon Essence encourages a confident flow of emotional energy.....
energy that can fluidly meet the day’s challenges, illuminating the positive and redirecting the negative concerns and enabling intuitive solution.

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