Lake Huron

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Lake Huron

Good Boundaries

Indications: Not knowing when to stop. Overdoing it. Unable to turn it off. Irritable, moody, excessive.

The cleanest and warmest of the Great Lakes… There are places on the Canadian North Shore where people still draw their water from the Lake. Lake Huron spreads wide…  it seems to fill every available niche with its smooth, transparent waters. A large, sandy-bottomed Lake named for the Huron peoples, who were nourished by her abundant fish and spiritual offerings… 

The French called her ‘La Mer Douce’ ~ the Sweet Water Sea. Her teal waters sprawl curiously, wandering around the thumb of Michigan’s Mitten, while the cliffs of the Niagara escarpment split her waters
and the Manitoulin Island sits like a heart on her crown. 
The Flower essence of Lake Huron quiets and soothes an overflow.

This essence is for those who don’t know when to stop. Prone to overdoing it, they end up irritable, hypersensitive and generally inharmonious. Excess and being addicted to a need for constant activity
seems to be a condition common to modern life. We live in an age of constant change and evolution, where “doing”, “achieving” and “actions” has replaced “being”, “listening” and “reflecting”. This extreme yang imbalance keeps one tied to one’s obsessions. The more one does, the more one sees to do, as the mind spreads out a list that overlaps and covers the sunny beaches of rest, prosperity and wisdom, drowning rejuvenation with schedules, business cares and anxiety.  Late hours, prolonged studying, continual over-scheduling keeps one inside, out of the sun, and creates a work load that exceeds healthy physical and emotional boundaries.

Lake Huron helps one to find appropriate boundaries in a complicated world. With a shoreline of 3,827 miles, the nooks and crannies of her wide expansive waters help you to work wisely with the intricacies of a well-formed life. Lake Huron essence bids you to establish an internal equilibrium that calms the irritated or irrational feelings that egg you on into areas of excess. Over-eating, immoderate drinking or the unhealthy use of recreational drugs may be helped by the use of this essence as Lake Huron seeks to imbue not only a sense of moderation~ but also a sense of how to integrate your life in a healthier fashion. 

On the emotional level, Lake Huron essence meets moody irritable feelings that may give rise to irrational temper, nervous anxiety or weepy sensitivity as your feelings can flare and bleed unchecked by the security of healthy boundaries. The Lake Huron essence offers you the cool wisdom of a Great Lake, a sweet water sea. Calm and serene, she brings you back to your senses, back to the Big Picture, the All that cleanses, that flows, that nurtures, that reflexes and that finds rest.

Within the waters of Lake Huron lie 30,000 islands. In her northern reaches is the largest freshwater island in the world – Manitoulin Island. The islands and her lengthy basin give Lake Huron more shoreline than any other Great Lake. 

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