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Abundant Life Sprays

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Abundant Life Spray

Prosperity, Gratitude, Sharing

Abundant Life™ supports prosperity, gratitude and sharing while helping release learned beliefs that keep one in stress and worry over survival issues. It refocuses one's energies on the prosperity, beauty and joy here on Earth.


Flower Essence Combination:

(in tinctures and sprays)
  • Autumn Alpine Strawberry – for releasing a Poverty Mentality that perpetuates scarcity and propels one into a work-hard battle against the elements to survive… opens one’s heart chakra to release learned patterns of worry & strife over financial or survival issues, allowing one to open to the flowing, gifting Grace offered continually from an abundant, expanding Universe.
  • Meadow Bright – aids in the healing & the releasing of dysfunctional, inherited family patterns around money & one’s use of resources.
  • Greater Celandine – helps to open our focus to Bounty & the full goodness of the Earth that continues to lavishly support us… releases feelings of lack or being unsupported… clears the inner eyes to Abundance & Beauty.
  • Pah Tempe – facilitates the release of deeply ingrained instincts that compel one to feel the need to own or control the use of physical possessions in a self-serving manner… works deep into one’s physical being, relaxing & releasing one’s obsession with possessions, helping to redirect one’s energies towards Spiritual Goals, Generosity, Healing & Peace.
  • Thunderbird Rocks – works with the urgent, compulsive need to do things in a hurry… for those who experience anxiety over life purpose or feel defeated by the dark, fearful energies of this time period… connects one to the courageous, heroic, valiant self… helps one to access one’s capacity to channel high levels of energy, bringing more into one’s life and the world.
  • Lake Michigan – restores Inner Peace… helps one to communicate & network from this place of Inner Peace… replaces inertia and procrastination with fluid, harmonic world action… connects one to the many Networks & Great Bodies that support peaceful action & good will.
  • Bridal Veil – helps one to work with one’s own patterns of Growth & Expansion in a clear & exuberant manner that elicits an abundant response from Community and the Universe… assists one in learning the difference between Accumulation and Abundance.
  • Thornless Blackberry – can awaken new talents while opening one’s eyes to new possibilities & directions… allows one to access one’s skills from a past incarnation… sparks a passion to immerse oneself, enhancing Fertility & Growth.
  • Harvest Moon – helps one realize on a Physical & Soul level the rich Support and Bounty of one’s experience… teaches the heart to be Generous & Full, expanding personal Bounty by gifting others & offering Thanks.
  • Niagara Falls – an archetype of Energy, Power & Abundance beyond our wildest imaginations… helps one plan ahead, heed the teachings of one’s Past & get moving to produce enough flow for Abundance… channeling energy through one’s heart, the essence can help teach one that it is only by giving abundantly that we open the channels to Abundance in our lives.

Essential Oils:

(in sprays only)

  • Highland Lavender [France, organic] – both relaxing & stimulating… perfect for helping one release one’s worries & stress while encouraging the clear thinking & activity needed to promote an Abundant Life.

  • Lime [USA, organic] – strengthens Self-Esteem… promotes alertness... Uplifiting… brings one Calmness while stimulating one’s caring, sharing nature.

  • Fir Balsam [Canada, wild-crafted] – allows one a sense of freedom from old patterns & problems… grounding while allowing one the emotional space to consider new ideas & ways of operating in the world.

  • Ylang Ylang Extra [Comoros, wild-crafted] – helps one feel more supported, uplifted & relaxed… releases Worry & Mental Stress… helps one live more fully in the moment, enjoying the Beauty & Richness offered.

  • Allspice Berry [Jamaica, organic] – stimulating & warming… releases nervous tension & worry over one’s bills or survival issues… Allspice not only reminds us that life is good, but it is also spicy.

  • Frankincense [Middle East, wild-crafted] – brings Balance, Strength & Restoration, elevating one’s Thoughts & Feelings to the more positive & affirming… releases Anxiety over the Past while offering one’s Present a sense of Divine Protection.

  • Lemon Myrtle [Australia, organic] – raises one’s Awareness & Appreciation… soothes feelings of Blame or Frustration… allows one a connection to Higher Thoughts, Possibilities & Intuition.

  • Honey [France, organic] – rich, soft, heavenly scent of honey from the wondrous honey bee… supporting Production, Wealth & Health sweetly!




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