Greater Celandine

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Greater Celandine

(Chelidonium Majus)

Common names: Garden Celandine, Tetterwort, Killwort, Wart-wort

Gratitude & Praise

Indications: Helps you to better see & experience the Miracles of you life. When feeling cheated, abused, or unsupported, Greater Celandine opens your eyes to focus on Bounty.


Greater Celandine

The Earth continues to supply you with this eternal essence of Goodness and Plenty, but too often as a human you see Lack and feel cheated, abused, and unsupported. You blame and moan at the results of your own poor choices.


Greater Celandine clears the inner eyes to Beauty. It helps you open your focus to the Bounty and full Goodness of this Earth that continues to lavishly support you. And as you learn to use the eyes of the heart,
which not only sees but truly perceive these gifts, a healing occurs in your throat chakra, and you find that your words become ones of Gratitude, Praise, and Joy as your spirit begins to come into harmony with the celebration of Abundance and Beauty supporting you and all life here.

 Greater Celandine begins blossoming in early May and continues to blossom, especially in shady areas, throughout the Summer. It is a lush watery plant that grows tall and wide in full sun to fully shaded areas. Its four-petaled golden-yellow flowers open flat and hold a center of long soft furry tendrils that release copious amounts of orange pollen when touched. The plant has long been recognized by herbalists as a healer for the eyes as well as a cleanser for the liver, the gall bladder, and the blood. The stems and roots of the plant have commonly been used as a skin paint, which has allowed Natives and children to celebrate this gift from Nature in body art over the ages.


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