Pah Tempe

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Pah Tempe

(All Nations Healing Spring)


Indications: Releases over-identification with possessions or belief that one's people or ideas are better and more important than another's... Peace, Neutrality, Unification.

Pah Tempe

In Southern Utah near Zion National Park, Pah Tempe surfaces in several cascading pools along the Virgin River...... the Spring’s water superheated by hot flowing magma some 6,000 feet below the Ear’s surface. The water temperature can reach 108o as it emerges through the cracks in the Earth’s surface.

Native people have long held and honored the innate sacredness of these healing springs, as Hopis, Navahos, Utes and others of all nations have camped by the Springs for weeks, immersing in and drinking the water continually until they have felt renewed physically and spiritually. The Springs have also provided a place of neutrality, where all Nations could come to find healing..... often working out disputes while receiving the blessing of sacred place.

The Pah Tempe essence facilitates the release of deeply ingrained instincts that compel you to feel the need to own or control the use of physical possessions and property in a self-serving manner unresponsive to the needs of others. Over-identification with possessions, holding on too tightly to the physical or the belief that your people, ideas or spiritual ideologies are better or more important than others can find healing in these sacred waters.

Possession is one of the first issues that children struggle with, wanting "what's mine" and learning to share your bounty of favorite toys does not come easily for some. Teens can fight over borrowed clothes and adults though maybe not fighting, may hoard houses filled with too much stuff that could be shared to people who could really use it. Inheritance or divorce battles over money and stuff can bring out the worst in otherwise good people as you may really believe you have the right to the stuff. 

Pah Tempe Spring washes away the battle pains of struggle that cause you to feel the need to attach to Things as opposed to Love. The Pah Tempe essence helps one to release one’s need to own or control, giving back to God the stress of ownership while learning to act, instead, as simply a medium for the physical world, a caretaker and steward. The Creator Spirit has provided a world of Plenty to enable us to be well-nourished with food, water, land, beauty and companionship.
Our possibilities for Joy abound in all directions. The Creator has made no attempts to limit the Bounty of our experience here. 
It is only through human Greed that we incur lack and suffering.

The Pah Tempe essence works deep into your physical being, relaxing and releasing your obsessions with possessions and separating ideologues, helping to re-direct your efforts toward Spiritual Goals, Generosity, Healing and Peace.


Pah Tempe, comprised of healing mineral hot springs, 
is located in southern Utah on the Virgin River near Zion National Park and the town of Hurricane. 
The sacredness of these healing waters has long been understood by Indigenous Peoples, 
and many tribes ~ Utes, Navahos & Hopis ~ hold Pah Tempe as a sacred neutral place 
where neighboring tribes can resolve political disagreements & territorial disputes.

Photo is from G o o g l e's cache of 
as retrieved on Apr 13, 2007.

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