Autumn Alpine Strawberry

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Autumn Alpine Strawberry

(Fragaria Vesca)

Common names: Wild Strawberry, Woodland Strawberry, alpine Strawberry, Carpathian Strawberry, Fraises des Bois, 

Healing Poverty Mentality

Indications: For feeling that there is too little and that you must strive for money, love, security, things.


When you believe that you donʼt have enough, you generate feelings of Fear, Worry, Neediness and Destitution. You enter life with a work-hard, striving, poverty mentality….. unable to experience the bounty of your efforts. Energetically, these worry patterns create barren energy that confirms Scarcity and propels you either into Despair or into a feeling of Battle with Life. This perpetual sense of Shortage promotes a Need to Horde and to Protect your Meager Stock out of an Insecurity and a Lack of Faith in the flowing, giving nature of the Universe. Caught in worry over bills, job, or security, your Inner Child goes into a state of Survival Panic.
This is representative of the archetypical Story of Adam & Eve, as the Soul believes that Paradise ~ or Harmony with Creator ~ is not “a given”…and because we have thought or acted imperfectly, we are not allowed to experience the fruits of this world… and we must work hard against the elements to survive. This separation from Perfection and the caring, nurturing, providing hands of the Creator is more a State of Mind than a Reality.

The Autumn Alpine Strawberry flower essence offers you the energy of Abundance and Delight….. supporting the opening of your heart chakra to release learned and destructive patterns of Worry and Strife over your financial or physical survival, while allowing you to open to the flowing Gifting Grace offered continually from an abundant expanding Universe. Helping to quiet your noisy mind that preoccupies your energies trying to “figure out” your predicament, Autumn Alpine Strawberry flower essence encourages you to unload emotional tensions around feelings of Lack due to deeply inherited patterns ~
the “I canʼts” that can slow down or even stop the flow of Life through your system.
Finding a Sun-kissed meadow bestowed with wild strawberries in early June is a pure delight. Though tiny, the little jewels are delectable, having both a flavor and an aroma that is nothing short of Heaven.

The Autumn Alpine Strawberry flower essence is made from wild strawberries that have continued to blossom and fruit into November, offering a continual profusion of Love Gems far beyond our perceived human expectations. Its essence aides you in releasing your attitude of Strife, while allowing you to return to your true nature by encouraging a reunification with Nature and the Gifting Flow of the Universe.
As you return to the bountiful, active, harmonic Self, Health, Wealth, Love and Joy begin to permeate and dominate your experience and your beliefs. In the glow of this abundant experience you can honor and feel honored, creating the infinite inner energy needed to interconnect with Natureʼs productive spirit….. as you allow this energy to expand within you, you can then flower, fruit, and send your seeds out into the world again and again, knowing that Divine energy and resources are infinite, and there is no limit to what is available to you if you gratefully open the door and allow what is so lavishly given a pathway to enter --- yes!


 Also known as Woodland Strawberry or Fraises des Bois, the Alpine Strawberry is shown in Medieval paintings growing at the feet of unicorns or a maiden in a flowery meadow. Thomas Jefferson sowed three rows of Alpine Strawberries March 31, 1779. In a letter to James Monroe some 20 years later, Jefferson included Alpine Strawberry as one of the “three objects which you should endeavor to enrich the country with.”… Ironically, this plant is native to the United States. It is found in the woods and grasslands of Europe, Western Asia, temperate areas in Chile, and in North America. 

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