Radiant Life Sprays

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Radiant Life Spray

Confidence, Courage, Self-Esteem

Radiant Life™ encourages self-esteem, inner strength and confidence. It supports the courageous transcendent human within.

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Flower Essence Combination:

(in tinctures and sprays)
  • Dandelion - strengthens one’s core intent with a spirit of tenacity… helps one to remain sunny and stress-free while strengthening one’s determination in the midst of adversity.
  • Tansy - helps one to feel valuable… heralds true self-consciousness that honors both inner and outer beauty.
  • Sipapu - for healing from birth trauma at core levels and grounding to Earth, our bodies and our purpose.
  • Beach Sunflower - offers inner strength and grounding in abusive or non-supportive situations.
  • Bearberry - helps one to hold true to one’s self when one’s energies are being drained by domineering and controlling people and/or situations.
  • Yellow Dock - promotes a strong sense of self while instilling an ability to stand tall and comfortably in situations of competition or non-support.
  • Thistle - inspires strength of focus and intent, helping one to be clear and to the point… helps mild-natured souls feel the confidence to stand up for themselves.
  • Scorpionweed - increases one’s sense of awareness, accuracy and intuitive alertness while advancing one’s own position to react with appropriate defense and protection.
  • Wood Avens - encourages the self-esteem, self-support and confidence needed to truly be of service to one’s community.
  • September Strawberry - especially for those with sensitive hearts… blesses the heart with the courage to do new things… strengthens one’s knowing and helps one to stay in one’s heart when challenged.
  • Mars - supports inner strength, confidence and wisdom… helps one to stand tall and weather one’s storms with a sense of clarity.
  • Serpent Mound - aligns our energies with the strength of the God force within us, activating our true energy to participate in co-creation.

Essential Oils:

(in sprays only)
  • Highland Lavender [France, organic] - sweet, gentle and loving… Lavender nurtures by calming and relaxing both one’s physical and emotional bodies, allowing one’s mind to settle down and receive life peacefully.
  • Bitter Orange [Italy, wild-crafted] - encourages confidence, courage, self-esteem… both happy and upbeat, the oil quells anxiety and restless emotions, allowing one to feel more peaceful and centered.
  • Roman Chamomile [USA, organic practices] - calming & relaxing, helping stabilize nervous, irritable or anxious emotions… encourages one to express one’s true feelings while releasing the need to be self-critical.
  • Himalayan Cedar [India, organic practices] - calming and relaxing to the over-analytical mind… stimulates clarity & objectivity when under stress… helps one to remain emotionally composed and confident… promotes self-esteem and an inner confidence in one’s abilities that allows one to both be present and composed regardless of external stress.
  • St. Johnswort [France, organic practices] - balancing and healing to the nervous system… helps to elevate mood and restore balance after emotional, mental or nervous exhaustion… can relieve anxiety, irritability, nervousness and melancholy.
  • Jasmine Sambac [India] - promotes optimism and self-confidence while inspiring both assertiveness and courageous action… helps dispel depressive thoughts while quieting stress and nervous tension.














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