Lake Michigan

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Lake Michigan

Peaceful Action

Indications: Helps you to find your own inner peace and then to put this peace into action in your relationships and the world.


Lake Michigan

Peace is not placid. Spend an afternoon on the shores of Lake Michigan and allow her to transform all your perceptions. On this Lake there are many beings..... large dunes around her shores and etheric Mountain Beings above her waters. There is a shimmering radiance in her waters that transforms and purifies even the darkest thoughts and kisses away the tears from your heart.

Here there is constant movement and interplay. Crystal clear water speaks Peace to the Brilliant Sun.
While the Sand responds to the movement of the Lake and surrounds her with Sand Mountains to hold her Peace, the serene blue Sky holds and moves this Peace, expanding it ever outward.
As the elements in this Great Lake speak to each other 
they speak with Peace….. with Harmony….. with great Grace and Strength. 

There is nothing placid here.
It is all movement.


 As an essence Lake Michigan offers us Peace, helping first to wash away layer after layer 

of city hardness.....worry.....trauma.....and pain. This essence works quickly as Water and Sand move, hold, reshape, illuminate, purify. As the Peace rolls over us we recognize that our internal motion is restored in its balanced state.

This is an essence for Peacemakers that can bring you back into motion. Peace, she teaches you, begins within but it must move out and communicate and harmonize in your family.....your workplace.....your community….. in this world and beyond.

The Lake essence can reconnect you with the deep Peace of the Creator, the very Heart of God,
and then help you to move this Peace into and through the many networks and Great bodies that support this and can carry this energy far beyond your known horizons. She sings to you and begs you to dance with her and take this message forward….. connect, touch, love.....and give this Peace.
This is the message of a truly Great Lake.


These could be pictures taken along the shoreline of any large body of water, but to those of us that live here, 
who have been transformed by her magic, this Lake of sand and limestone with gifts of Petoskey stones and grass-covered dunes, we know her and speak of her with Love. We have spent whole Summer days playing in her soft, deep deposits of sand. Her waters beckon us out, time and time again, to ride the gentle surf.

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