Bridal Veil

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Bridal Veil


Common names: Hardtack, Steeplebush,Meadowsweet, Bridal Wreath, White Spirea


Indications: Helps you to abundantly work with  times of expansion and growth.

The Bridal Veil blossoms with profuse abundance, putting out Prolific expansion and growth each Spring day. Its small white sweet-scented flowers dazzle by their shear beautiful mass. This flower essence helps you work with issues of accumulation, growth and abundance. It helps you learn how to work with your own patterns of growth & expansion in a clear and exuberant manner that elicits an abundant response from Community and Universe.

It works with you as you learn to put this abundance into action for continued growth and prosperity... and helps to quell your self-limiting and stagnating thoughts that hold you in patterns of fear and poverty.

Bridal Veil flower essence then assists you in understanding the difference between accumulation and abundance...... Helping you to become more abundant by releasing your need to hold on and resist the natural flowing nature of prosperity...... Showing that growth and giving of the heart and from the heart create the full coffers that you so long for and opens your doors to a Universal Flow beyond your wildest dreams.



Spiraea is a shrub in the Rosaceae family native to the temperate Northern Hemisphere The genus Spiraea contains about 80-100 species, with the greatest diversity of species native to eastern Asia Bridal Veil is a form of Spiraea often planted around homes in the first half of the twentieth century. Its arching branches flow with an abundance of small white flowers in the Spring.

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