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Indications: Empowers the Feminine qualities of intuition, nurturing & empathy to help you meet the challenges of these times with Healing and Love. Perfect for teachers, parents and caregivers. Instills you with the great compassion and strength of the "Mother" warrior. 

Mars potentizes the imagination, as seen in the artwork of my daughter.


This essence was made August 27th, 2003 when the planet Mars made its closest
approach to the Earth in an estimated 60,000 years. The event was called an opposition,
meaning the Sun, the Earth and Mars formed a straight line, with the Earth in the middle.
Opposition occurs every 26 months when Mars and Earth are closest together. Because
Mars and the Earth make elliptical orbits around the Sun, the proximity of the Earth and
Mars change. August 27, 2003 was also the beginning of the moon cycle, or “New

It is the time for the Mother to return in her power and strength, and Mars has come to potentize this.

There is a weathering that must occur in each human in order that the soul may come into its right relationship with the all of life. This can create emergency, struggle, and competition that cause your soul to expand, to reach out, to strive and to elevate to new and previously unattainable heights.

As Mars brings its potent, red, fire energy into the Earth on this New Moon, it offers you dramatic possibility for change and evolution. This will especially empower the feminine areas of intuition, nurturing, and birthing. It is time for a new age..... for the return of higher wisdom and the strength of the pure to return.

This is an essence to support you in meeting the battles of these times with strength, wisdom, and resource..... for the knowing that you have everything you need to move forward in strength. The information you need will always be provided at the appropriate time. Mars is the essence for walking forward courage and confidence and doing the right thing. There is no compromise here. Stand tall and move, quickly if needed.

You will be guided.
You will be supported.
You will weather your storms.
Your trials will only serve to bring you more clarity, more strength.

Open your heart to the Mother
and receive.
She has been kissed by Mars.
She is strong.
She is potent.
Align yourself with her power
as she stands tall in the strength of this essence.

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copyright © 2010 by Merri Walters Great Lakes Sacred Essences