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(Taraxacum officinale)

Common names: Bitterwort, Blow-ball, Cankerwort, Clockflower, Common Dandelion, Irish Daisy, Lion's Tooth, Piss-in-Bed, Pissinlit, Priest's Crown,

Puffball, Swine's Snout, Telltime, Yellow Gowan

Sunny  Determination

Indications: Helps provide sunny determination in the midst of adversity.

As a flower essence this spunky plant offers you sunny resistance and persistent determination, helping you to continue willfully despite obstacles or attacks.The Dandelion essence does this by strengthening you core intent
with potent resolve to face hindrance with a spirit of tenacity and I-will-root-here-for-sure-edness.

This flower essence’s ability to help you to remain bright and positive in the face of adversity is so needed in these stressful times when the healers and peacemakers and defenders of this planet have been so greatly challenged
and threatened by those who stand to profit from continued warfare and destruction and who see diverse ideals as cause for eradication.

The Dandelion’s flower is bright golden yellow. It roots well in the Earth with a milky sap inside, a tough stem that nourishes the plant helping it to survive harsh and competitive conditions.

At the end of its flowering it magically transforms seemingly overnight to a silvery downy head that releases its tiny seeds to ride the currents of a Spring breeze.

The Dandelion essence can thus offer you a lightening and releasing of your stored troubles and tensions..... helping your physical body to relax and let go.

The Dandelion plant essence teaches that strength and peaceful resistance can be achieved by maintaining a sunny soft presence that continues to come back and multiply regardless of aggressors attempts to poison it and allows for gentle release of all your unneeded stress around issues of standing your ground. As you learn to lighten up, you allow these worries to simply blow away.

There are Spring days when the tuffs of Dandelion fluff float like vertical snowflakes dancing in all directions. So many in number they swirl and swoop low to the Earth pausing then suddenly lifted upward on a breath of air that lifts and spins and carries the little ones aloft, a weightless silver puff that finally finds a home on the surface of the fertile waiting Mother to be planted by the Rain. We’ll see this one again!




Said to have been brought to the Americas from Europe to help support the Honey Bee by offering a prolific,
early-blossoming easily-spreading plant, the Dandelion has taken to these soils and is here to stay.


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