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Sacred Season Tincture

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Sacred Season

Spiritual and Emotional Harmony

Sacred Season™ supports spiritual and emotional harmony during holidays and other gatherings throughout the year. Spray your home, yourself, your gifts and above the table for your gatherings. Allow the sacred intent of your hearts to be held by Nature herself in this powerful essence.

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Flower Essence Combination:

(in tinctures)
  • Lake Superior Rock - for helping meet the challenges of doing so much and having to constantly reorient..... brings balance to busyness.
  • Crab Apple - for realizing all things are possible and feeling supported in missions of faith and hope... a Spring flowering fruit tree that miraculously blossomed in Fall in Michigan as the tree also bore fruit.
  • Jupiter Return - for graceful expansion of energy, with perimeters stretching to hold the fullness... from Jupiter bowing low to Earth in 2004.
  • Planetary Arch -  for balancing and interweaving practical with spiritual... Mars, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury bridging an arch between Pisces and Gemini through Aires and Taurus in 2004.
  • Lupine - helps to release clutter and bring Divine order, in a joyful spirit.
  • Cedar- for the healing of relationships... creates a neutral space where we can see beyond our charged emotions and unhealed wounds from the past.
  • Niagara Falls - helps abundance flow forth in strength and power, assisting in staying with the flow without being carried away by emotions.
  • Agawa Bay - for staying within the circle of the holidays & not being called into too many projects.
  • Redbud - for putting our whole hearts into what we do, giving and receiving with open hearts & sharing the glory of human kindness.
  • Lily of the Valley - for working with the energy of community to harmonize the combining of many voices and hands.


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