Crab Apple

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Crab Apple

(Malus sylvestris)


Indications: Helps you to release cycles of self-doubt, crabbiness and pessimism, while strengthening your ability to be in the present and to receive with gratitude.

Sunny and golden is the light of this morning. Vibrant is the Earth with the smells of spring, and growth, charged with the energy of the returning Sun. April had been a month of warm summer-like temperatures. The spring buds and new leaves were wondering at such early warmth strengthening the brown Earth with healing green and their heart offering of precious flowers. A thunderous hailstorm brought back winter’s numbing cold then rain and finally five inches of wet crystalline snow covered these tiny pink buds. As warm weather returned and snow was melting the next morning the essence was made.

The essence of the Crab Apple Blossom asks you to quiet the constant churning of your mind and center yourself in a higher place where your channels are open to receive and listen. The crystalline properties of the snow that blessed these blossoms for a day and a night have magnified the blossoms’ ability to release the cycle of self-doubt and pessimism that keep you in a pattern of failure.

These blossoms rejoice in the snow that brought them water in the high frequency of a crystalline structure. They will go on to produce a small, sour apple that can “wake up” your taste buds with delightful presence. There is no shame in expecting the best and experiencing the Sun of the present. The Crab Apple Blossom essence can help you to let go of your tendencies to crab and fret over what might be or what has past. Bless this power of Spring, this Grace of sunny presence in your life. May this essence strengthen your ability to be here now and to receive with gratitude. 

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