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Sacred Renewal

For Stress & Exhaustion

Sacred Renewal™ balances chakras while replenishing emotional and physical energy after depletion due to stress, exhaustion, overwork, emotional trauma or illness.

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Flower Essence Combination:

(in tinctures and sprays)

  • Lake Superior Hue – helps (after depletion) to restore color frequencies and energetic vibrancy to one's aura.
  • Sunburst Calcite – amplifies one's ability to connect to greater sources of universal power... radiant, prayerful, grounding.
  • Ochlockonee River – revitalizing... helps one feel held, nurtured and connected to the Earth... renewal after illness or loss.
  • Baby's Breath – rhythmic, gentle breath... helps one be present in the moment & open to a softer, more spacious mental perspective... offers strength from a balanced relationship with time & respect for Divine unfoldment of events.
  • Corncockle – restores pranic energy (life breath) to ease tired, depleted, worn-out conditions due to overwork or lack of play and rest.
  • Bear Butte – helps carry off pressures and stresses of life... absorbs malignant energy while accelerating physical frequency to a place of love, harmony and spirit consciousness... made at "the heart of everything that is."
  • Makah – integration and connection in a fragmented world... helps restore attention & gratefulness while releasing a need for constant motion and "getting to" the next destination... made at the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
  • Sugar Maple – restores creative, procreative and sexual energy... teaches rhythm, pacing, and an ability to honor rest & fun as well as production, allowing for true abundance and strength.
  • Lion's Tail – encourages freedom to engage in creative, spontaneous play and re-creation that is vital to happiness and life.
  • Moss – supports recovery & healing on all levels of our being... releases negative patterns, self-defeating habits & our need to be self-critical.
  • Star of Bethlehem – assists in the remembering then healing & releasing of past trauma & wounds... breaks up hurt or anger stored in the body that can be a source of chronic pain, illness or depression.
  • Lilac – rest, relax, slow down, take a break... a remedy for stress contributing to neck, shoulder or lower back tightness & overall nervous tension & stiffness.

Essential Oils:

(in sprays only)

  • Highland Lavender (France, organic) – rejuvenates, protects, heals, balances, uplifts... calms fear, anxiety, anger, irritability, mental exhaustion... can assist sleep.
  • Red Manderine (Italy) – inspires, refreshes... eases anxiety, the feeling of emptiness, nervous tension, sleeplessness, restlessness... lifts spirits.
  • Cananga (Indonesia, wild-crafted) – calming... eases anxiety, nervous tension & stress.
  • Manuka (East Cape, wild-crafted) – extremely anti-microbial... helps with breathing, clears the mind.
  • Jasmine Sambac (India) – confidence, sensuality, openness, inspiration... relaxes tension, releases emotions, calms nerves, grounding.
  • Katrafay (Madagascar, wild-crafted) – traditionally used to relieve headaches, tension, joint & muscle pain.
  • Labrador Tea (Canada, wild-crafted) – said to benefit liver, kidneys & circulation, and reduce stress... helpful for meditation... very relaxing.
  • Pink Pepper Tree (Kenya, wild-crafted) – warming, uplifting, peppery.







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