Ochlockonee River

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Ochlockonee River

 Life and Renewal

Indications: Revitalizing... helps you to feel held, nurtured and connected on the Earth... renewal after illness or loss.

 This essence was made at Sunrise under a cradle Moon along the Ochlockonee River as it empties into the Gulf of Mexico in the panhandle of Florida. The fog had lifted with Sunrise, and as we opened the essence prayer the birds began their chorus.

 This essence is life in all its fullness, beauty, wonder and fragility. It restores you to wakefulness with a refreshed sense of spirit and energy. There is a recognition here of the joy and fullness of existence, of the soft and the shimmering..... the Cradle of Eden. What a blessing it is to be alive and to see that what surrounds you is also within. 

 This is an essence for those who have never really felt completely held, nurtured and connected to this Earth plane. It is helpful after illness or loss, as it will revitalize and reconnect you with your ever-renewing Sun energy and the regenerative forces of the Earth. It is a reminder from Nature that life is fragile and that you are not sustained merely by the strength of your will alone but by the strength of your connection to the All of Life that holds and supports you here..... and that once this connection is restored you can re-enter living revitalized, refreshed, and renewed. 

 The Ochlockonee (meaning ‘yellow waters”) River is pristine and deep as it empties into the Gulf of Mexico after traveling over 150 miles starting in Georgia. Choruses of birds sing the morning’s Sun up, as the river is home to numerous species of birds..... among them the wood stork, southern bald eagle, white ibis, little blue heron, least tern, and the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker (to be found making its nest in living, mature pine trees).

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