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( Straight of San Juan de Fuca)


Indications: For integration and connection in a fragmented world, when you are feeling tired, lost or disassociated from what is important.

 The mist is rising off the bay with sunrise. The Olympic Mountain Range appears like a vision through the veil. Tenderly, the water here caresses the shoreline. Softly, the wind moves through the channel. The voices of the night fade as morning song opens the prayer of this new day. This is a Point of Origin in a fragmented world.





We have , on our journey here as Earth brothers, become increasingly disassociated from our food, our clothing, our land and our community fire. In the pursuit of easiness we have created the most complicated, disconnected lives imaginable.

This is Pacific Ocean water..... that has touched all corners of the world, that has welcomed babies' feet and old women's tired bones..... it touches and moves and integrates the energies of this planet. 

As it moves through this protected narrow place between the Olympic Peninsula and Vancouver Island its message is one of unification and connection. It teaches you that the only way to find true peace and happiness is to come home and to allow all the beauty and blessings of this world to be poured into the narrows of your life that you may experience this flow of connection with your world and universe.

The essence helps to restore attention and gratefulness and, at the same time, releases your need for constant motion and “getting to” the next destination.

It teaches that your connections, observations, and learning during each step of your journey are what's most important and will restore to you the true peace and contentment that you seek.


Located between Washington’s Olympic Peninsula and Canada’s Vancouver Island, the waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca lap the shore of the Olympic Peninsula’s Makah Nation lands. 

This place is a Point of Origin, and its essence restores connection in a fragmented world.


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